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  • How does it work?
    The way Crime Stoppers works is really quite simple. It begins with you calling one of the Hotline numbers or sending information through our Tip Form. The calls are not recorded or traced. The specially trained person that takes your call will assign a code number to you. During the call, you will give your important information and you will receive instructions how to use your code number to obtain the reward that might be rightfully due only to you. Remember, you can remain anonymous. The App or Tip Form will allow you to give the information online anonymously and an Officer can message you back directly. It's best to list as much information as you can. You can upload photos to your tip as well. Once the appropriate law enforcement agency has investigated the crime using your valuable information, it's the confidential code number, not your name, that enables you to claim your reward if you called via phone. You will be messaged back through your Tip Form if that's how you submitted the tip.
  • How can I help?
    There are several ways to help Monroe County Crime Stoppers. 1, Provide information anonymously. 2. Volunteer your time. 3. Become a Board Member. 4. Pledge a Tax-Deductible Gift.
  • How is it funded?
    Monroe County Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization and is funded entirely through donations. A Board of Directors, comprised of volunteer citizens from various parts of Monroe County, administrates the operations of the local chapter. It is the Board of Directors that is responsible for establishing policies, overseeing the amount of reward payments, and the proper management of all donated funds. Funds are needed not only for rewards, but also for expenses related to raising of public awareness of this program. Any tax-deductible you many wish to make would be greatly appreciated. To make a donation you can donate online or mail your pledge to: Monroe County Crime Stoppers, Inc. P.O. Box 144 Tomah, Wisconsin 54660
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